Don’t Let Frozen Pipes Happen to You!



Winter is upon us and now is a good time to be sure you don’t get caught with frozen pipes in your home.

We have a couple of tips to help ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

1) Always leave your heat on at 68 degrees or above, even if you’re going on vacation.

2) Be sure to open all cabinets under sinks to let the warm air circulate.

3) Let water drip when the temperature is below freezing.

4) Be sure to make sure any non heated areas of your home are insulated and that any pipes near the exterior of the home are wrapped/insulated.

5) In the case that your pipes do freeze, immediately turn off the main water valve in your home and call a professional to prevent further damage

-The Neighborhood Handyman



Winter ‘Must Have’ supplies and Other Tips


As we go into the coldest months of winter, being prepared for the worst is essential.  We’ve assembled a list of things to have ready in case of a bad winter weather.

Stock up on:

Salt/kitty litter for the driveway/walkways


A scraper for your car windows

Snow shovel

De-icing spray for locks/door handles on your car

It is always a good idea to keep extra supplies in your car and home in case you get stranded in bad weather.

This should include something like snacks/non perishable food items, blankets, vehicle cell phone charger, first aid kit, battery powered flashlight and lamps, extra batteries, and plenty of drinking water.


Being prepared can make the winter months ahead much easier and we hope this helps!

The Neighborhood Handyman

Holiday Hazards 101

So the time of year is upon us when holiday music is everywhere, Black Friday sales start on Wednesday, and you start wondering if you can afford a Cruise to get away from the cold weather.


We’ve got a few tips and helpful reminders of how to keep your home and yourself safe and sound during the new few weeks of the holiday season.

1) If you hang up lights of any kind, outside or inside, be sure to check for any damage. Do not leave them on for any extended period of time, especially if you aren’t home.

2) A side note to #1, if you plan on hanging outside lights or decorations yourself, consider hiring a professional. According to US Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2010, 13,000(!!) people had to be treated in the ER for injuries caused from trying to hang/put up holiday decorations.

3) If you plan on buying a live tree, be sure to get one that is green and fresh (needles shouldn’t be falling off) and be sure to give it enough water to keep it from drying out. Dry/dying trees with hot lights strung around them are a recipe for disaster.

4) Be sure to keep the tree far from any heat source.

5) Consider using flame-less candles.

6) When cooking those big holiday meals, be sure to not leave the oven or stove unattended.

We hope these tips helps make your holiday season a bit easier and less stressful.


Thanks for tuning in,

The Neighborhood Handyman


Fall Checklist Part 2


Today I will focus on the things you can do to prepare the interior of your home for the colder months ahead!

1) The easiest way to stay healthier in the colder months is to change the air filters in your home.

2) Have your heating systems checked and serviced before the temperature drops. Also, you should winterize all AC systems and if you have any window units, be sure to either remove them or cover with a waterproof cover.

3) Check your faucets/pipes for any leaks. If not repaired you will risk having burst pipes in the winter which can be costly to repair.

4) If you have a fireplace it is a good idea to have the chimney/fireplace cleaned and inspected to make sure all is working properly.

5) Windows and doors can be the biggest issue when trying to insulate your home.  Make sure all of the caulking and seals around the window frames are in good shape. Adding bulky curtains can help minimize heat loss as well.  Putting a rolled up towel along the bottom of any exterior door can also help minimize heat loss.

Hope these tips give you some direction as you prepare your home (and yourself!) for long winter season ahead.

-The Neighborhood Handyman

Fall Chore Checklist Part 1






I think it’s safe to say that fall is officially upon us! Pumpkin everything is popping up and there was even a Kmart Christmas commercial on T.V the other day!

Today’s blog post will cover some things that you can do around the exterior of your home to prepare it for the winter months.




1) Examine the roof, gutters, and downspouts for leaves, branches, and any damage and make sure to remove any debris found. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, be sure to call a professional.

2) Be sure to remove any leaves/debris from the yard and any flower beds.  If not removed, it can be very damaging to the grass and will create more issues come spring time.

3) Drain any outdoor faucets and disconnect any water hoses.  Store the hoses in a dry place (the garage is a good option) and if you feel necessary, cut off the water supply to the outside faucets to prevent water freezing in the pipes.

4) Take in any lawn/garden tools to be serviced so that they’re ready to go for the spring. Also, be sure to bring in any outdoor furniture and store in a dry place to prevent any damage over the winter.

5) Walk around your home to check for any cracks in the driveway/walkway and be sure to have any cracks filled to prevent further damage from the cold and wet weather.

6) Order plenty of snow melt for the driveway/walkways outside of your home and make sure any snow shovels and snow blowers you may have are in good working condition. If you park your vehicle outside, be sure to check that your hand-held window scraper is in good condition and kept somewhere in easy reach.



Tune in next time for some tips to prepare the interior of your home for the fall/winter seasons!

-The Neighborhood Handyman