5 brightening tips for a dark space

The Fall season means shorter days and shorter days means less daylight to brighten the inside of your home.

We’ve got a couple hacks to brighten up the rooms in your home to get you through the fall and winter season.still-life-625935_960_720

  1. Think White : White naturally reflects light without absorbing any. This will cause any visible light to bounce off any white surfaces making the room appear brighter.
  2. Add light fixtures to walls : Add light fixtures to walls that send the light upwards and downwards. This will spread the light across the walls throughout the room.
  3. Add some black : Adding black accents help give contrast in a light colored room helping the bright areas stand out even more.
  4. Area Rugs : If your home has a lot of dark floors, consider a bright or light colored rug to help brighten up those areas.
  5. Plants : Adding some house plants can make any room feel brighter and help give a room more sunny feeling vibes.

-The Neighborhood Handyman

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