Summer Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

It’s been especially hot in Kansas City the past couple of weeks. We’ve got some helpful tips that can help you get through these hot times without paying your life away in AC bills.

  1. Switch your ceiling fan to rotate counter-clockwise. This will push the air down creating more of a wind effect.  This is a great short video by Del Mar Fans and Lighting if you need a tutorial
  2.  Be sure to keep your blinds closed, and use curtains if you have them, during the day because this can lower the indoor temperature as much as 10-20 degrees.
  3. If the temperature outside drops low enough at night, opening your windows and turning off the AC can help to cool down your home while you sleep.
  4. Break out the grill and cook your food outside. The more heat you produce inside, the harder it will be to stay cool.

Hope these simple yet useful tips help to keep you cool as we make it through these summer months!

The Neighborhood Handyman


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