How to protect your home from damage during a Vacation


If you’re lucky enough to be able to go on a vacation during the summer months, you need to be aware of a few maintenance tips for your home while you’re away.

This post will focus on water lines in particular.  The last thing you want to find after a nice relaxing vacation is water streaming through a ceiling and/or come home to flooded rooms.

This is caused when pipes burst inside the home and send water from the main line all throughout the home until the water supply is shut off.

Prevent this from happening in one easy step. Simply turn off the main water supply line which is usually located in the basement along an exterior wall.  The main water line will be a pipe with either a round turn-type or a straight lever type shutoff.



It is also a good idea to turn the water heater onto a lower heat setting. This will save you money while you’re away and will prevent damage if the water level gets too low.

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