Neighborhood Handyman Has a New Logo!

Neighborhood Handyman LogoWe worked with a website called to get a new logo created for Neighborhood Handyman!  It was an interesting process… we set up a prize of $200 for a logo contest, and then graphics designers from all over the world submit designs with the hope that they will win the prize money.  We received more than 90 logo concepts and ended up picking our favorite (that you see on the site now)

Another interesting aspect of the logo contest is that we were able to send out a contest link to friends, families, vendors, etc. so they could vote on the logos that they liked the best!  We ended up leaning towards the logos that had the most votes with highest ratings.



Reasonable Hourly Rate
We are very competitive with our hourly rate.  We want to make it affordable for you to have us do your project work.

One of the best reasons to hire The Neighborhood Handyman is that we do many projects every month, giving us the experience and the skill to do your project quickly and efficiently.  You may be able to do the project yourself, but if you haven’t done the type of work your project requires in a while, it will take you 2-4 times longer than it will take our professionals.  It also frees you up to do more important things with your time!

Reasonable Trip Charge
One of the things that sets us apart from other service companies is that our trip charge covers travel to your location as well as trips to the hardware store to get materials for your project.  Our competition usually includes the time it takes to go to the hardware store as part of their hourly work.

Contact Us for a Quote
We get requests ranging from 30 mintues to many hours.  Contact us for a quote by calling us at (913) 498-1160.  We would love the opportunity to discuss your project need and how we can help!

Project Exclusions

We DO NOT do any of the following kinds of projects

Roof repair.
Chimney repair.
Third story gutter repair or cleaning.
Large paint or stain jobs, but can provide reputable referrals.
Deck and fence power washing or painting, but can provide reputable referrals.
Large remodeling jobs.
Large or complicated plumbing jobs, but can provide reputable referrals.
Large or complicated drain issues, but can provide reputable referrals.
Large lawn and landscaping projects.
Concrete flatwork, mud jacking or asphalt.
Deck and stair construction, but can provide reputable referrals.
Sprinkler systems.
Garage door installation or replacement.
Garage door opener installation.
Large appliance delivery or disposal.
Trash removal, but can provide reputable referrals.
Attic fans installation.
Attic insulation.
Large carpet installation jobs.
Hardwood flooring installation or refinishing.
Swing set and jungle gym installation or removal.